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The birth of the business: the younger sister Külli focused her research on small living organisms, which reminded Marge of insects. During the doctoral studies, the conversation shifted repeatedly to the need of merging economics with science to produce something useful for humankind: “Why just study the insects; why not raise them for food!” This gave rise to the idea of offering insects for human consumption. As we are the fourth generation of a family line of entrepreneurs, our idea found a perfectly logical sequel in launching a private limited company, Green Bite OÜ.

Marge Kõllamägi

Marge Kõllamägi – founder and manager of the company
I have graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu. Throughout my career, the customer has always been in focus. The values I cherish are client-centeredness, innovation-mindedness and win-win solutions. It is my heartfelt desire to offer our customers high-quality, nutritious insect food.

Külli Lokko

Külli Lokko (PhD in biology)– technology and development
Although my research topics have predominantly dealt with fundamental science, I have always sought opportunities for implementing environmentally sustainable solutions. Insects will leave no one cold: as a source of protein, they are really promising!

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